SMC 11 and 33

For submetering and energy management systems

This combined energy meter and power analyser with large embedded memory is mostly suitable as a data collecting workhorse for distributed energy management systems. It is measuring and recording all relevant information about the utilisation of electrical energy in the measured point. Energy consumption (or generation) is archived separately - kWh and kvarh in import or export, separated in up to three tariffs (TOU), separately per-phase and as a total sum.

Currents are measured with a hole-through current transformers embedded right on top of the instrument. Nominal current of the actual item can be chosen between 5A and 150A. This design brings significant savings in installations as the instrument does not need external CT.

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  • measurement and recording of all important electric quantities in the electric network
  • AC and DC power supply options
  • energy submetering (four quadrants - kWh, kvarh, three tariffs, both per-phase and total sum) with automatical periodical readings
  • measurement of active, reactive and distortion power, true power factor (PF) and power factor of the first harmonic components - cos(phi)
  • measurement of voltages and currents including the THD, harmonic components, unbalance etc.
  • broad range of input and output options with programmable functions and with automated status recording.
  • Remote Control

  • embedded serial communication interface for communication with the supervising system
  • ENVIS and ENVIS.Online application supported with remote configuration and data acquisition
  • simple configuration in ENVIS.Daq
  • generation and distribution of automated reports in ENVIS.Online
  • e-mail and SMS alarms for immediate awareness and fast response to eceptional situations
  • support for binary file storage (CEA, PQDIFF) and databases (SQL Server)
  • export to CSV, XLS, PDF and other standard formats
  • The instrument is equipped with remote communication port, digital or analog inputs and outputs and alarm LEDs. There is no display nor any buttons on the instrument and the whole setup is done over the communication interface. The main advantage of this feature is that in places where it is intended to be used it does not attract an unnescessary attention. As such it can serve as a full featured analyser or energy meter with unatended remote reading. The SMC instrument can be also preprogrammed to serve autonomous command and control functions in various situations as for example to control the load of some apliances towards the total energy consumption - load control (load management, ripple control).

    Software for management of SMC instruments

    Configuration, data acquisition, archivation and analysis can be performed in ENVIS and ENVIS.Online software version 1.1. Basic features of ENVIS software are available free of charge.

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